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A word from Fr.Brendan (School Chaplain) Holy Week and Easter 2020
Dear friends in Christ, I extend greetings to you all as we enter this great week in the Church’s year -
what we call Holy week. Holy week is like no other week, it stands apart from all other weeks of the
year. This week, all Christians worldwide will commemorate and meditate on the events of Jesus’
final week on earth. It is a week in which Jesus’ mission reaches its fulfilment. Everything in a sense
goes to and comes from the Cross. During Holy Week, each unfolding event from Palm Sunday to
Easter Sunday enlightens our understanding of his proclamation of the Kingdom of God manifested
by his words and actions. It is the week, in which we are invited to connect with the truth of our faith
that ‘God walks with us’ always. It is a week for many blessings as we walk with Jesus.
To recall this even in this now moment - in a time of great turmoil, uncertainty, grief and sadness
across the globe as people and nations battle with the Coronavirus. Pope Francis last Friday week, in
his words to all nations broadcast across the globe, recalled the gospel passage when Jesus in the
boat asleep, and his frightened disciples call out ‘master, do you not care’ as they encountered the
storm on the lake. The disciples terrified and in great fear in the boat being battered by the wind and
high seas, Jesus says to them ‘have you no faith, courage, do not be afraid’. Jesus invites us to daily
to be not afraid, to have courage, to be not overwhelmed when we meet crisis. We all need to slow
down, to ponder, be still, to recollect, to refocus, and to listen more attentively like we have never
listened before. We have heard it being said so often in the song of Simon and Garfunkel, ‘The Sound
of silence’, sometimes we can be afraid of silence, it can make us uneasy, we want to distract our
thoughts and minds; but this week, let us take moments of silence to listen to the promptings of the
Holy Spirit and listen to what the Spirit is asking of you and me in these times.
This week, as we reflect on the events of Holy Week and meditate on the Paschal mystery – we will
be contemplating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus: we adore you o Christ and we bless you,
because by your cross you have redeemed the world. This is an awesome thought – we can easily
say it, but do we truly in my heart believe it, that God could actually Love me and Love you? Our
human condition often makes us doubt it, and we tend to quickly forget who we really are - God’s
children, most often leaving us stuck in our worldly ways of thinking and acting. This week, is a big
opportunity to walk in a new way, I want each of you to realise and KNOW How Much Jesus Loves
YOU. When you look at the cross this week and see Jesus’ outstretched arms - know that’s how
much he loves You!
Jesus wants to speak to YOU personally and to all of us about our human condition; our lives with all
their happy and joyous moments, but also especially in our moments of sorrow and anguish, our
worries and anxieties. He invites us to walk with him; it is there we will have renewed confidence as
he says to each of us ‘be not afraid’.
The words of Lἐonie Caldecotte, editor of Magnificat, writing for Holy Week 2020, say ‘if we pay
attention, we will be renewed by the liturgies and meditations……but in order for this to happen, we
have to slow down. We have to distance ourselves from all those distractions which keep us from
staying close to Jesus as he walks towards the cross’
Friends, I invite you to pay attention to the events of this week and reflect upon them. You can do
this by tuning into media links/web links from your own parish or via internet, or by clicking on any
of the links here below. These will be updated in the coming days of Holy Week and into the Easter
Wishing you and your families, a blessed Holy week and the abundant blessings of the Risen Lord at
4th April 2020

Bringing Holy Week Home Reflections 2020.pdf

Holy Week Irish Episcopal Conference Resources 2020.pdf

Pope Francis Video for Holy Week 2020.pdf

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