Pobalscoil na Tríonóide

Student Council

Student Council

Pobalscoil na Tríonóide

Student Council – Comhairle na nDaltaí



  • To actively involve students in the life of the school.
  • To support the school ethos.
  • To promote good relationships between Students and Staff, Board of Management and Parent’s Association.
  • To represent the views of students.
  • To assist students with special needs.
  • To foster social awareness activities and learning activities.
  • To be of assistance to subject teachers, class tutors, year heads and school management.

Council Membership:

  • The Student Council will include a representative from each class (Class Captain) who will be democratically elected by the class in the presence of the Class Tutor early in the first term.
  • A Vice Captain will also be elected. He/She may participate in the Council if the Class Captain is absent or unavailable.
  • In order to promote gender balance the Class Captain and Vice Captain should be male and female or vice versa.
  • Any student who has been suspended because of a serious lack of discipline cannot be elected Class Captain the next year.

Executive Council:

  • The Executive Council will consist of twelve students, nine of whom will be democratically elected by the Student Council.
  • Years 1, 2 and 3 will have one member each while years 4, 5 and 6 will have two members each.
  • The Class Captains for each year group will elect their own representative(s) for the Executive Council.
  • Staff will appoint three additional students. The Liaison Teacher will consult with year heads and the students chosen do not necessarily have to be from the list of Class Captains.


  • The Student Council will meet at least twice each term. The Chairperson in consultation with the Liaison Teacher will direct all meetings.
  • The Executive Council will meet each month or when the need arises. Any decision made or action taken must have the support of nine of the twelve members.
  • A report will be written by the Secretary and a copy given to the Liaison Teacher and a response awaited before a decision is implemented or acted upon.

Executive Officers:

  • The Student Council reserves the right to elect the Chairperson by simple majority.
  • The Secretary, Treasurer and P. R. O. will be elected by simple majority of the Executive Council.
  • The Chairperson will conduct the meetings in accordance with proper procedure, report to the Student Council and speak on behalf of and represent the Student Council where and when required.
  • A Vice-Chairperson will also be elected to assist the Chairperson and act as chair in his/her absence. This position should normally go to the runner-up candidate in the election for chairperson.
  • The Secretary will write up the minutes of each meeting and provide a copy to the Liaison Teacher.
  • The Treasurer will keep a strict account of all money raised and spent by the Student Council.
  • The P. R. O. will publicise meetings and events, maintain the Student Council Notice Board and liaise with the media (Youghal News, School Newsletter, website, etc.) when required.

Liaison with Staff:

  • A Student Council Liaison Teacher will be appointed by the Principal to assist in the establishment and proper functioning of the Student Council.
  • He/She will endeavour to ensure a clear line of communication between the Student Council and Staff, to advise the Student Council in a resourceful manner, to organise training programmes and to ensure that proper procedures are adhered to.
  • The Principal, in consultation with the relevant Year Head and Liaison Teacher, reserves the right to remove any member of the Student Council during the school year if the member’s lack of good discipline should warrant it.
  • The Principal and Staff also reserve the right to veto any individual whose discipline has been poor during the previous school year.
  • The Principal and Board of Management also reserve the right to suspend the Student Council in the event of the Council pursuing a course of action deemed detrimental to Pobalscoil na Tríonóide.

Induction and Training:

  • The Liaison Teacher will address the newly elected Student Council and outline the role and responsibilities of the Council and reserve the right to sit in on all Student Council meetings.
  • The Liaison Teacher will address the Executive Council to outline its role and responsibilities and establish proper procedures. He/She may sit in on all meetings of the Executive Council.
  • The Liaison Teacher will explain the role of the Class Captain.



  • Chairperson/Cathaoirleach: Diarmuid Hanna (5A5)

  • Vice-Chairperson/Leas Chathaoirleach: Jack Ó Deoráin (6AG)

  • Secretary/Rúnaí: Eoin Cotter (4A1)

  • Treasurer/Cisteoir: Leah Hennes sy(6A1)

  • Public Relations Officer/Oifigeach Caidreamh Poiblí: Jordan McGrath (5A2)


  1. Zuzanna Dominiczak (1st Year)
  2. Nikola Golebiewska (2nd Year)
  3. Colm Landers (3rd Year)
  4. Stella O’Driscoll (4th Year)
  5. Eoin Cotter (4th Year)
  6. James Whyte (4th Year)
  7. Jordan McGrath (5th Year)
  8. Grace Kelly (5th Year)
  9. Diarmuid Hanna (5th Year)
  10. Leah Hennessy (6th Year)
  11. Kelly Fitzgerald (6th Year)
  12. Jack Ó Deoráin (6th Year)


  • 1A1: Zuzanna Dominiczak
  • 1A2: Finn O’Brien
  • 1A3: Caoimhe Delaney
  • 1A4: David O’Connor
  • 1A5: Aisling Murphy
  • 1AG: Aoibhe Ní Chadhain Nic Charthaigh


  • 2A1: Danny Fitzgerald
  • 2A2: Emma Landers
  • 2A3: Nikola Golebiewska
  • 2A4: Alex Cashman
  • 2A5: Charlie Flavin
  • 2A6: Tianna Hennessy
  • 2AG: Saoirse Ní Chonaill


  • 3A1: Sam Dukes
  • 3A2: Emily O’Neill
  • 3A3: Colm Landers
  • 3A4: Aoife Coleman
  • 3A5: Ciara Hanna
  • 3AG: Rory Ó Díomasaigh


  • 4A1: Stella O’Driscoll
  • 4A2: Conor O’Neill
  • 4A3: Ore Amosu
  • 4A4: Kaitlyn Daly
  • 4A5: James Whyte
  • 4AG: Evan Villis


  • 5A1: Lucy Goggin
  • 5A2: Jordan McGrath
  • 5A3: Grace Kelly
  • 5A4: Margherita Barilla
  • 5A5: Steven Scully
  • 5AG: Tírna Nic Cárthaigh Ní Chathail


  • 6A1: Leah Hennessy
  • 6A2: Sean Hennessy
  • 6A3: Christian Persaud
  • 6A4: Kelly Fitzgerald
  • 6A5: Jamie O’Rourke
  • 6AG: Kyle de Brún

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