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Student Council Involvement

The Student Council’s Involvement in Global Schools.

The Student Council held a meeting and two representatives of the school’s Global Schools Committee came to talk to us. One talked about a Human Rights campaign and how we should try and get students to learn more about their rights and about how so many people’s rights are obstructed every day.

The other representative talked about the work Fairtrade does and about a possible raffle of Fairtrade products with us donating all the proceeds to Fairtrade. We each took a local shop and checked what Fairtrade products were available and then gathered our results which the vice chair-person presented to her.

149 students 1 teacher
6 week module delivered. Entered green schools competition - young environmentalist
Content covered: Waste in 24 hours, Researched about environmental issues, Zero waste living,
Introduced Green Bins to the school and collected and sorted waste on a weekly basis.
Campaign to teachers about using the bins correctly.
Peace Week
4 students 1 teacher
Peace week highlighted the effects the importance of change in our world and how our actions affected the environment.
Competition for 1st years - Peace plates - what peace meant to them
2nd year phone survey - internet safety
TY talk on operation transformation journey
Assembly on Climate Change
149 TY Students 6 teachers
43 presented 500 words on what they thought were the reasons for climate change
Assembly on Waste
149 TY Students 6 teachers
Presentation, group work and discussion
Students were then asked to complete and email the following task.
Fair Trade
The Fair trade event involved a week of awareness raising about Fairtrade in the food industry. To raise awareness we:
- put up posters with facts about Fairtrade
- held competitions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year
- distributed Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate and bananas to all year groups
- all 2nd year students watched The Dark Side of Chocolate documentary in CSPE lessons and this documentary was also sent to all Junior Cycle tutors to watch over 2 weeks in tutor, if they wished to do so

The Simon Homelessness Awareness event which Crona and I held involved:
- TY students receiving a talk from a guest speaker about the issue of homelessness in Ireland and their work
- a smaller cohort of students from TY then formulated their own information session about homelessness in Ireland and around the GLOBE and presented this to 1st year students in Religion lessons, during which they got the first years to engage in a series of tasks to teach them about this topic, raising their awareness of it.

Green and Ethical Fashion -
This involved a short module engaging a group of TY students with the concept of Ethical Fashion. The module involved a short research project urging students to consider the clothing they wear every day and trace it to its production to weigh up the extent to which the clothing is ethical in terms of its impact on both humans and the environment. The documentary 'The True Cost' was also viewed and subsequently discussed to broaden their awareness of the impact our everyday clothing choices has on the world on a global scale.
28 2020
Study Skills Week
12 2020
Friendship Week
26 2020
Mid Term Break
02 2020
3rd / 6th Year November Exams
23 2020
JCT Cluster Day - Non Student Day
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